Example of the formation of dividends from the lease ExpoBlocks.
Suppose that only 10 million exhibits.
Of these, only 1% is leased - this is 100 000 units.
By 3 expocoin / month - rent for 1 block.
300,000 × 80% = 240,000 expocoin go to investors.
240 000/10 000 000 = 0.024 expocoin for each block.

Suppose you own 1000 Expoblocks

1000 × 0.024 = 24 expocoin / month when the platform is loaded by 1%
Accordingly, if loading:
10% - 240 expocoin / month
50% - 1200 expocoin / month, etc.
If the price on the exchange is 1.75 $:
1% download - 1000 × 0.024 = 24 × 1.75 = 42 $ / month
Accordingly, if loading:
10% download - 240 × 1.75 = 420 $ / month
50% download - 1200 × 1.75 = 2100 $ / month, etc.

And now we will calculate the dividends at the possession of 10,000 exhibits:
10000 × 0.024 = 240 expocoin / month when the platform is loaded by 1%
Accordingly, if loading:
10% - 2400 expocoin / month
50% - 12,000 expocoin / month, etc.
If the price on the exchange is 1.75 $:
1% download - 10000 × 0.024 = 24 × 1.75 $ = 420 $ / month
Accordingly, if:
10% download - 2400 × 1.75 $ = 4200 $ / month
50% download - 12000 × 1.75 $ = 21000 $ / month and 100% download - 24000 × 1.75 $ = 42000 $ / month
In addition, keep in mind that you will have tokens on hand, and at any time on the exchange they can sell them and already minimize their risks.

The profit is calculated: in ExpoCoin. At the time of the completion of the ICO, the company enters into an agreement with the stock exchange, where everyone, having registered, binds their convenient payment system and easily withdraws their money.

Yes, of course! The growth of ExpoCoin is forecasted when will be listed on the stock exchange.

It is not necessary to register for a new one, but at the completion of the ICO each investor will receive a certificate that he is the owner of this investment and it is necessary in the profile to change the Name and Surname in English. (now profile editing is not available due to data protection at the time of the ICO).


You get ExpoCoin for dollars, then what we are doing now.

- then after the whole ICO system sees how much you have ExpoCoin and 1: 1 has blocks.

Blocks - as a certificate that you are an investor and claim for dividends (gold bars in a bank). And its currency, ExpoCoin, can already be sold on the stock exchange (companies will by that time buy ExpoCoin).

Since the moment of registration and purchase of ExpoCoin smart contracts have been triggered. Further, after the completion of the first stage of ICO (September 2018), you have ExpoBlock, and you get the official certificate of the owner of your number of ExpoBlock virtual platform space.

In the field of ICO, something is changing daily. In January 2018, no other country had any influence on the sale of tokens and could not accept the regulation rules for all processes. Therefore KYC (Know your customers) no one has demanded anywhere. But time goes by and already there are requirements for many exchanges and banks. The process of crypto currency has already been launched in all countries and even government agencies are ready to introduce blocking into their processes. To get acquainted with their clients ICO projects are not required this is a recommendation for the founders if they are going to enter the international level register their tokens as an asset work with banks and exchanges later register with the SEC. In June 2018, Malta became the first country to officially accept crypto-currencies. Hong Kong has so far made no such statements and there have been cases of closure of ICO projects with penalties. To re-register the company in another jurisdiction we had two good reasons: 1) the official registration of Security Token and hence the status of each investor: 2) opening a bank account in Malta with the additional opportunity to do any operations with the crypto currency. We are interested in large funds and they demand first of all - a legal component. And thanks to the changes described above, we were able to win their trust.

As for minors. No block passes investors. Our task is to protect everyone. We plan to cooperate with banks and create an account for each investor, so that it is possible to deduce dividends on your bank card and cash it in any ATM. And, so that later we do not hurry our investors to pass verification, right now, we prepare in advance necessary for this the soil, namely KYC. The data is kept by us, not passed on to third parties. At the time of cooperation with exchanges or banks, we can request this information. And, so that later our minors do not suffer from the inability to take their crypto money, we ask parents to unite their bills and transfer the tokens of ExpoCoin themselves. In order for them to be the original sources of assets, they will have a certificate confirming ExpoBlock in their offices. And after that, the blocks can be freely given to anyone from users, the same nephew or small child. Then the block certificate will be marked as a gift. And if in the case in the countries will adopt the laws on the crypto currency, our investors will be fully prepared for this.

The price of ExpoCoin before August 15 is $ 1. We plan to raise the price to $ 1.25 for ExpoCoin from 15.09. The duration of the PreSale until September 25, 2018.

For verification of children it is necessary to provide the same information as for an adult: a photo of the document confirming the person. This may be a birth certificate, ID card, passport. And fill in the fields with the name, surname and series / number of the document.

From November 1, an internal exchanger with a fixed number of tokens for each account to be exchanged will appear in personal accounts.

KYC - (Know Your Customer) Know your customer. This information allows the company to be confident in customers (in their reality) and is necessary for a project to register a security token as an asset. The Securities Commission verifies the presence of KYC in projects as evidence of legitimate activities and fraud prevention. Information is not passed to third parties.
Only verified users are entitled to receive passive income from the company's profits.

Not. Accounts that have not been verified by KYC in the transfer will not participate in the sale of ExpoCoin.

Only from March-April 2019, after filling in all previously accrued ExpoBlock.